Discover Your Image with Corporate Identity Design

Every business is defined by a corporate identity. This identity reflects the essence of your brand, leaving customers with a strong and lasting impression. Work with Fikrinevi for your brand to have a strong identity.

Kurumsal Kimlik
Profesyonel Kurumsal Kimlik Tasarımı

Professional Corporate Identity Design

Our expert design team creates a unique and impressive corporate identity design by understanding your brand’s personality and values. We create a visual language for your brand to stand out in the industry and establish a strong connection with your target audience. We offer not just a logo, but a complete set of designs with all the corporate touches.

Corporate Identity Design Process

Our professional design team offers unique corporate identity designs that emphasize the uniqueness of your brand. Meet Fikrinevi for an impressive and consistent brand image that makes you stand out.

Logo Tasarımı

Logo Design

The logo forms the basis of corporate identity design. It is introduced to the target audience by reflecting the character of the brand.

Renk Paleti

Color Palette

The official colors of the brand are determined. These colors are carefully selected to reflect the personality and style of the brand.



The typefaces and typography to be used for the brand are determined. This ensures unity in the written communication of the brand.

Kurumsal Malzemeler

Corporate Materials

Corporate materials such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes and other office supplies are prepared in accordance with the design of the brand.

Marka Kılavuzu

Brand Guide

A guideline is created that specifies how the brand will be represented. This includes details such as color codes, typography rules and the use of the logo.

Tanıtım Malzemeleri

Promotion Materials

Brand promotion materials such as brochures, banners, websites and other advertising materials are also part of corporate identity design.

Make Your Brand Stand Out with Corporate Identity Design

We are here as Fikrinevi to increase the power of your brand and give it a unique identity. Our expert design team offers special and impressive corporate identity designs by capturing the essence of your brand. By using color, shape and graphic elements, we emphasize your brand’s personality and help you leave a lasting impression on your target audience. Contact us to make a difference in the industry and build a strong brand.

Kurumsal Kimlik Tasarımı ile Markanızı Öne Çıkarın

What Have We Done?

In each project, we reflect the character of the brand with customized solutions and create a professional corporate identity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Identity Design

Corporate identity design is the process of creating visual and graphic elements that reflect the unique personality, character and values of a business or brand. This design typically includes the logo, color palette, typography, business cards, letterhead and other branding materials. Corporate identity is important to increase the brand’s recognizability, establish credibility and build a strong bond with its target audience.

Corporate identity design is a key element that determines how a business is perceived when interacting with the outside world. Businesses need corporate identity design for the following reasons:

  1. Creating Brand Perception: Corporate identity reflects the unique personality and values of the business, helping it build a strong bond with its target audience. Customers evaluate the business through brand perception and this perception can create long-term customer loyalty.

  2. Building Professionalism and Trust: A recognizable logo, professional business cards and other branding materials increase the seriousness and credibility of the business. These elements can make a strong first impression to potential customers and partners.

  3. Achieving Competitive Advantage: Industries are often places where competition is intense. Corporate identity design provides a competitive advantage by creating a unique and striking appearance that distinguishes the business from its competitors.

  4. Facilitating Communication: A consistent and recognizable corporate identity allows the business to effectively communicate its products and services. Customers form a stronger bond with the brand through a consistent brand experience.

  5. Increasing Brand Loyalty: A strong corporate identity makes customers emotionally connected to the brand. This increases brand loyalty and makes customers more likely to do repeat business.

Corporate identity design plays a critical role in the path to success by helping a business define the way it expresses itself and interacts with its target audience.

The corporate identity design services we offer as Fikrinevi include comprehensive solutions that reflect the unique personality of businesses and enable them to establish a strong bond with their target audience. Here are the main elements of Fikrinevi’s corporate identity design services:

  1. Logo Design: A strong and recognizable logo reflects the essence of the business and creates a brand identity. Fikrinevi highlights your brand with special logo designs.

  2. Corporate Color Palette: The choice of colors that reflect the character of your brand forms the basis of corporate identity design. Fikrinevi determines the color palettes that reflect the spirit of your business.

  3. Typography Selection: The right typography strengthens your brand’s communication style. Fikrinevi creates typography design by selecting appropriate and impressive typefaces for your brand.

  4. Business Cards and Corporate Materials: Professional business cards, letterheads and other corporate materials support brand integrity by reflecting the credibility of your business. Fikrinevi provides the design of corporate materials.

  5. Graphic Standards: Fikrinevi sets the graphic standards for your brand, creating a consistent look and feel. These standards are used in all types of digital and printed communications.

  6. Online and Offline Material Designs: We offer design services for all kinds of materials, from your website to your social media posts, from brochures to advertising banners.

  7. Creating a Brand Guide: Fikrinevi creates a comprehensive brand guide to determine the use and representation of your brand. This guide is an essential resource to ensure brand consistency.

Fikrinevi’s corporate identity design services offer unique, creative and professional solutions to make your business stand out and create a strong brand identity.

Corporate identity design is a process of identifying the unique personality and brand values of a business and reflecting these elements in the design. As Fikrinevi, we follow the following steps in order to offer our customers a special and effective corporate identity design:

1. First Interview and Analysis: The first step is to have a detailed conversation with the customer. Here, the focus is on the goals, values, target audience and expectations of the business. We also analyze the competition in the sector and the designs of similar brands.

2. Brand Analysis and Positioning: A detailed brand analysis is conducted to understand the essence of the brand. The mission, vision and values of the business are determined. At this stage, the brand’s target audience and competitive advantages are also taken into consideration.

3. Creating a Design Brief: With the information obtained from the initial analysis, a customer-specific design brief is created. The design brief provides a roadmap between the design team and the client.

4. Concept Development: The design team develops different concepts in line with the design brief. These concepts include logo, color palette, typography and other corporate identity elements. Feedback is received by being in constant communication with the customer.

5. Improving Design: The design is improved in line with feedback from the customer. Detailed revisions are made on elements such as color selection, typography and logo design. The design is determined precisely according to the customer’s wishes.

6. Brand Guidelines and Implementation: The approved design is converted into a brand guide. The brand guide determines how elements of corporate identity will be used. From logo dimensions to color codes, from the use of typography to the design of materials, this guide provides a broad guideline.

7. Delivery and Support: At the final stage, the completed corporate identity design is delivered to the client. In addition, the client is provided with support on usage to enhance the impact of the design. Customer satisfaction is continuously monitored.

These steps form the basis of a corporate identity design process. As Fikrinevi, we aim to create an effective and sustainable brand identity by offering solutions tailored to the specific needs and brand story of each client.

Yes, absolutely! As Fikrinevi, we prioritize the preferences and wishes of our customers in the corporate identity design process. As Fikrinevi, we prioritize the preferences and wishes of our customers in the corporate identity design process.

In our first meeting, we evaluate our customers’ expectations by conducting a detailed analysis to understand what is important for the brand. The color palette, thematic elements and other design details determined as a result of this analysis are taken into consideration by our design team and transformed into a unique corporate identity design.

We show flexibility in line with the wishes and preferences of our customers and guide the design process to meet their expectations. Thus, we emphasize the authenticity of the brand by maximizing customer satisfaction and participation in corporate identity design.

The “unlimited revisions” service offers flexibility, allowing our clients to freely make changes and edits to their corporate identity design. As Fikrinevi, we aim to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and therefore allow our customers unlimited revisions during the design process.

This service allows customers to change their minds at any stage of the design, make requests for edits and make adjustments in the direction they want. Our customers can freely provide feedback and request changes at every step of the design process.

Our unlimited revision approach provides support and flexibility to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with their corporate identity design. In this way, it is possible to create the originality of the brand and the desired identity design in the best way possible.

As Fikrinevi, we create a WhatsApp group for your brand to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and manage the design process transparently. This group is used to facilitate communication during the design process, to receive instant feedback and to ensure a closer collaboration with our clients.

Through the WhatsApp group, our customers can communicate directly with our design team, send their requests, ask questions and request changes at any stage. This communication channel allows our customers to be actively involved in the design process and express themselves.

This WhatsApp group, created on behalf of your brand, contributes to the development of corporate identity design in line with expectations by making communication faster, interactive and personalized.

As Fikrinevi, we usually create corporate identity designs in vector formats, which increases the scalability and quality of the designs. However, according to the demands and needs of our customers, deliveries can be made in different file formats such as JPG, PNG, PDF. We take a flexible approach when it comes to file formats that are suitable for our customers’ use and meet their requirements.

Yes, we help you with trademark registration. However, this service is subject to an extra charge as it requires an extra process. Trademark registration provides legal protection for your trademark and secures your uniqueness in the competitive environment. We will be happy to provide you with more information on the details of the registration process and additional fees.

During the design process, no additional fees will be charged other than the fee initially set. As Fikrinevi, we adopt a transparent pricing policy and provide quality service to our customers without any surprise costs. Thus, you can better manage and plan your budget in your corporate identity design process.

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