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Our Reseller Hosting solutions are an ideal option for entrepreneurs and agencies looking to start your own hosting company or offer dedicated hosting services to your clients. Thanks to our strong infrastructure, we offer high performance, security and scalability.
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Exclusive Hosting Management Features

A Brand New Hosting Experience for Those Without Borders

Website Hosting

With the website launch feature, you can manage all websites under a single hosting.

Hosting Features

Explore all hosting features such as Disk, Traffic, Email, Database and Subdomain with hosting packages.

Plesk Control Panel

Transfer your hosting account to anyone you want among Fikrinevi user accounts at no cost.

Professional Hosting Technology

It offers you the opportunity to host your website seamlessly on the Linux operating system with professional support service.

One-Click Application Installation

Do you want a blog, a news site or an e-commerce site? Easily set up your site with a single click and go live immediately.

Free Support

We provide support service from 2 different channels when you need it with our expert support team.

Fast Websites, Best Hosting Experience

Discover Unique Hosting Experience with High Performance Server Infrastructure and Unlimited Resources

High Performance

Fikrinevi offers up to 10 times extra performance with its multiple internet backbone and SSD Hosting infrastructure, allowing your visitors to reach your website at jet speed.

Ultra Fast Network

Thanks to its high network capacity and redundant fiber infrastructure, it offers high-speed access to your websites within Turkey with an average response time of 15 milliseconds.

Powerful Server Infrastructure

All hosting servers consist of powerful and state-of-the-art hardware and are hosted in Fikrinevi Istanbul data center with fully redundant server infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hosting

Reseller Hosting is a hosting solution that allows you to rent the infrastructure of a hosting provider and offer your own hosting services through this infrastructure. This solution is usually aimed at entrepreneurs, agencies or people who want to run a hosting business. With Reseller Hosting, you can divide the hosting package received as a main reseller into sub-resellers and create your own hosting brand with special branding and offer special hosting packages to customers. This provides cost and infrastructure advantages for those looking to start your own hosting business.

Reseller Hosting has many advantages::

  • Build Your Own Brand: With Reseller Hosting, you can create your own hosting brand and offer special hosting services to customers.
  • Low Cost: Renting a large-scale hosting infrastructure is more cost-effective than starting your own hosting business.
  • Flexible Pricing: Reseller Hosting offers flexible pricing options, so you can offer customers a variety of hosting packages and increase your revenue.
  • Infrastructure and Support: Usually, reseller hosting providers offer strong infrastructure and technical support, which increases customer satisfaction.
  • High Scalability: As the business grows, you can easily scale your reseller hosting accounts and add new customers.
  • Customer Management: With dashboards, you can easily manage your customer accounts, customize features and improve the user experience.

Reseller Hosting is a suitable option for the following situations::

  • Entrepreneurs and Agencies: Ideal for entrepreneurs and agencies looking to start your own hosting business or offer specialized hosting services to clients.
  • Customers Need Dedicated Hosting: If you want to offer customized hosting packages to different customers and create your own hosting brand.
  • Those Who Want to Start at Low Cost: If you want to start your own hosting business at low costs without investing in building a large infrastructure.
  • Seeking Flexibility: If you want to offer customized solutions to customers with flexible pricing and package options.
  • Those Who Want Advanced Control: It is a suitable solution for those who want to manage customer accounts, customize features and maintain high control.
Plesk Panel is used in our Reseller Hosting packages. Plesk Panel allows you to easily manage customer accounts with a user-friendly interface. Through Plesk Panel, you can create customer accounts, customize hosting features, manage email accounts and control sites. You can also edit security settings, perform backup operations and create custom hosting packages for customers with Plesk Panel. Plesk Panel is a powerful tool that allows you to professionally manage customer accounts without dealing with technical details.
Unlimited traffic in the Unlimited Hosting package means that there is no limit to the number of visitors or data transfer of your website. This ensures that you won’t face any restrictions, even during periods of site growth or high traffic. Thanks to our high bandwidth and powerful infrastructure, your website can cope with any visitor traffic, giving your users a seamless experience.
Popular software such as WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart and Magento usually run on Linux Hosting infrastructure and use MySQL database. Linux is an open-source operating system and is supported by a large community for developing and optimizing these applications. As a result, Linux Hosting offers a platform that suits the needs of these globally popular applications and provides advantages in terms of performance, security and compatibility.
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