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Corporate Website is the Digital Face of Your Business

Today, the corporate website has become an indispensable tool to strengthen the digital presence of businesses and create a professional image on the online platform. A user-friendly and eye-catching website that reflects your business identity, products and services in the most effective way is the key to increasing your online presence. We offer comprehensive solutions for your corporate website needs.

Corporate Website Subscription Advantages

You can manage your online presence in a professional way without having to think about all the details of your business website.

Professional Website

Get a customized and impressive corporate website that will make your business stand out in the digital world.

Customizable Design

Reflect your brand in the best way with the design that suits your needs.

Mobile Compatible

It offers an excellent user experience on all devices.

SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization and SEO compatible infrastructure installation.

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Hosting ve SSL Sertifikası

Hosting and SSL Certificate

Fikrinevi subscription comes with reliable hosting and SSL certificate. These advantages include:

Reliable Hosting

Your website is built on a reliable and performant hosting infrastructure.

SSL Certificate

For secure information exchange, your website stands out for data security.

Fast Loading Pages

Fast hosting allows visitors to navigate smoothly.

Unlimited Support Service

With Fikrinevi subscription, you get unlimited support. This support service covers the following areas:

Technical Support

Fast and effective solutions for technical problems with your website.

Content Updates

Send us your requests regarding the content of your website and we will update it for you.

Question and Answer Support

Unlimited support to ask questions and get help.

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How Does Corporate Website Subscription Work?

Get a user-friendly and eye-catching website that reflects your business identity and services in the most effective way for only a fixed monthly subscription fee at no additional cost.

Start Subscription

Start your website subscription and build your digital presence.

Opening Hosting

The domain name is redirected to our server and hosting is provided.

Knowledge Sharing

Share important information such as company details and services.

Free Design

Ask for a design you like, or leave it entirely to us.

Content Creation

Send us your requests throughout the subscription and we will update them.

Unlimited Support

Let’s make any change you want, any time you want, instantly.

Corporate Website Subscription

Get a professional website with a 1-year fixed fee guarantee without any upfront payment.

269 TL
/ monthly
SSL Certificate
10 E-mails
1 GB Mailbox
Unlimited Support

Other Website Services

With a professional team and our expertise as a corporate web design agency, we support your business’s online success. Check out our website services now.

Contact us to set up an e-commerce site and get more information. We would be delighted to work with you to maximize your online sales.

Use a QR code to both create a website for your restaurant and for your customers to easily access your menu with their mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Website Subscription

The monthly subscription fee is collected by automatic payment system on the same day of each month from the day the subscription starts, via the payment method you specify.

Yes, hosting and SSL certificate are automatically renewed during the subscription period.

Yes, we offer technical support service between 09:00 – 18:00 on weekdays during your subscription. For any problems, questions or technical difficulties, our experienced support team is ready to help you.

To customize the design of your website, you can request any update, revision or customization during the subscription period, between 09:00 – 18:00 on weekdays. Our expert team can update your website as you wish by responding to your requests quickly.

When our customers want to update their websites, they only need to send us their request. We have a design team that works between 09:00 – 18:00 on weekdays and they can get a very fast response. When you send us your update requests, our professional team will quickly and efficiently implement the changes on your website.

Our unlimited support service includes technical issues you encounter on your website during your subscription, as well as requests for content updates, design revisions and performance improvements. When you need it, our experienced support team will help you quickly and efficiently.

When you want to terminate the subscription, it is not possible to pick up or move the website as we do not receive any upfront payment for website construction. However, customers who insist on this can receive their website files by paying the total cost of the subscription fee for 24 months.

Fikrinevi does not demand any prepayment from its customers in website construction. It provides a professional website, fast and secure hosting, and unlimited support for just a monthly subscription fee.

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